Our Royal Repertoire: THE THREE LITTLE PIGS

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An original musical that explores the flaws of human nature through the eyes of a family of stubborn pigs and one very famous wolf. The story begins when Papa Pig informs his children that they must leave the comforts of the pen and make their own way in the world. Before they go, Papa leaves each “child” with an important piece of advice: (1) “Be sure to build a strong, sturdy house,” (2) “Beware of the Big Bad Wolf,” (3) “United we stand, divided we fall.” Left with only Papa’s words and one cabbage between them, the greedy pigs immediately begin to argue over the food and how to build the best house. Sibling rivalry takes over and they hastily part ways. Alone in the woods their weaknesses become evident as the Big Bad “Rapping” Wolf blows down their homes of straw and wood. Desperate for shelter, the siblings realize that their only hope is to join forces to battle the hungry wolf. By combining their individual strengths the three pigs become a team and finally understand what Papa meant when he said “United we stand, divided we fall.” Even the Big Bad Wolf turns out to be not so bad in a surprise ending that reunites the entire family and teaches everyone to live peacefully.

* CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Team Work, Sibling Rivalry, Classic Literature

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