Our Royal Repertoire: THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA

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“I’ll prepare a test,” the old queen said, “I will pile twenty mattresses upon her bed. Hidden in those mattresses, will be one tiny pea, If she does not sleep a wink, then a true princess is she.” One of Hans Christian Andersen’s most famous tales bursts to life with vibrant color and originality. Performed in the classic commedia dell’arte style, stock characters such as Harlequino (the conniving clown), Columbina (the mischievous servant) and the entire royal court learn valuable lessons about first impressions, personal decision making and true love. With mistaken identities, hilarious hi-jinks and star-crossed romance, this new musical has enough humor and toe-tapping songs to keep any princess awake!

* CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Decision Making, First Impressions, Perception

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