2015-2016 Season Featured Show: MOTHER GOOSE: A POCKETFUL OF RHYMES

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Images of innocence, youthful abandon, and well-worded nonsense emerge at the thought of nursery rhymes. Don’t be deceived! The importance of nursery rhymes has been well documented and they have proven to be a vital link to a child’s progress in reading. A POCKETFUL OF RHYMES is an award winning musical starring the world’s first Lady of Rhyme – Mother Goose. This exciting show literally lifts these classic stories off the pages of the book and brings them to life. From Little Boy Blue and The Cat and The Fiddle to a high stepping hoe-down Yankee Doodle Dandy with a dozen more in between. Through rhyme and verse, Mother Goose unifies the human tradition and provides every family with a legacy to pass on for generations to come.

* CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Reading, Rhyming Comprehension

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