Our Royal Repertoire: RUMPELSTILTSKIN

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When the poor miller boasted so bold, "My daughter will spin straw into gold." She wept and she cried "An impossible chore," When a strange little man appeared at the door. Who is this mysterious man? Why, it's RUMPELSTILTSKIN of course.

Watch as the Queen, the Prince, the Miller and his daughter match wits with the original man of mystery in this suspenseful musical based on the classic tale by the Brothers Grimm.



Tour Dates Now Booking
Stages Productions is pleased to announce our
2016-17 touring season representing 29 years
of excellence! This exciting season features
many American childhood classics such as
School House Rock Live!, Santa's Holiday
, Let Freedom Sing, and Charlotte's
! Be sure to book today while we are still
accepting bookings!

Special Shows for Pre-K
We are pleased to annouce our line up of our
Pre K shows for 2016 - 2017. Including Mother
Goose Prime Time Rhyme
and the Adventures
of The Three Little Pigs: A Healthy Habits Adventure. Which is an audience participation musical that uses the famous fairy tale to teach health and wellness concepts to young children!

Great Kids. Great Work.
Stages Productions annual musical theatre workshops are offered at several local venues
each summer. The students will learn a broad range of acting, singing and dancing skills while putting together a complete show. These enrichment workshops have inspired and
motivated hundreds of students by building self-confidence through theatre training.