2015-2016 Season Featured Show: MAIN STREET KIDS CLUB

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As the curtain opens, we meet Toby, the new kid in town as he lets us in on his little secret. He desperately wants to be a part of the Main Street Kids’ Club. With a motto of “math skills equal life skills”, the M.S.K.C are the coolest kids in town. The problem is that he isn’t especially confident in his math skills, so he can’t get in the club. When Toby finds a treasure map, the members of the exclusive club change their tune. Together with the audience the kids embark on a thrilling journey with math lessons along the way. Inspired by the award-winning series by Stuart J. Murphy, THE MAIN STREET KIDS' CLUB: A MathStart Musical tells a tale of adventure, mystery, friendship and math. Six stories, each focusing on a different mathematical concept, have been deftly woven together and adapted by Scott Ferguson (SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE! ).

* CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Bar Graphs, Mapping, Negative Numbers, Number Lines, 3 Dimensional Shapes, Comparing Numbers.


Tour Dates Now Booking
Stages Productions is pleased to announce our
2015-2016 touring season representing 28 years
of excellence! This exciting season, which is now booking, features The Main Street Kids Club: A MathStart Musical (writers of School House
), Mother Gooose: A Pocketful
of Rhymes
, Santa's Holiday Revue, The Snow Queen, and The Emperor's New Clothes.

The Emperor's New Clothes
Nothing pleased the pompous Emperor more
than a suit of new clothes. So when he heard of
a magic material that had the remarkable quality
of being invisible to anyone who was not good
at their job or who was intolerably stupid, he called
for the tailors at once. Join the crafty swindlers, the bumbling Emperor and his court as they learn
the cost of conceit in the original fashion faux pas.

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